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MODON Responsible for Factories within MODON and not in the cities

Dr. Tawfig Alrabiah, the Director General of Saudi Industrial Property Authority "MODON" revealed launching a project to relocate factories those are located within the urban boundary in Jeddah to new industrial cities those will be established in coordination with Makkah Governorate in the coming period.

The establishment of new industrial cities has been discussed with Prince Khalid Al Faisal, Governor of Makkah region and currently, coordination is taking place to know the details and the mechanism of the sites that will be identified by the Makkah Governorate. MODON will undertake development and setup of these cities to meet the growing demand for the industrial investment in Jeddah, pointing out that the factories which are located within the urban boundary will be relocated in an industrial environment appropriate for the nature of its activity.

With regards to the responsibility of MODON for these factories, the Director General of Saudi Industrial Property Authority said that MODON is responsible only for factories within the industrial cities and its development, while the factories located outside these cities is the responsibility of municipalities, because the municipality is the agency which issues license for creation of such factories inside or outside the cities.

Dr. Alrabiah said that Prince Khaled Al-Faisal is following up the status of the industrial investment in the region with great interest and is seeking to address the challenges and obstacles facing such investment, which will impact very quickly on the development of the region.

The Director-General of Saudi Industrial Property Authority said that MODON has inspection teams those conduct field visits to inspect the factories located inside the industrial cities in all regions of the Kingdom to ascertain the extent of its commitment to regulations of the industrial waste disposal methods. In case of violation, several actions are taken against these factories, including withdrawal of the industrial licenses temporarily or permanently: «Indeed, during the last period, we have closed different factories in several areas temporarily and others permanently».

He emphasized the presence of continuous contacts to coordinate with the General Presidency for the Protection of Environment, to pursue the factories from which dangerous industrial and chemical wastes are produced.

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