Electricity and water

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), demand for electricity and water is increasing steadily. Factors include annual economic growth of 5% - 6% and population growth of 2.3%, new household formation of around 4% a year, improving standards of living and greater urbanisation.

Saudi electricity is generated from natural gas (38%), crude oil (34%), diesel (22%) and heavy fuel oil (6%). The Saudi Electricity Company has a capacity of around 40,000 MW and is adding over 2,000 MW of capacity a year. Its transmission network totals 40,600 circuit kilometres.

Publicly and privately operated desalination plants provide around half of Saudi Arabia's fresh water; 40% comes from groundwater (aquifers) and the rest comes from surface water and reclaimed wastewater. KSA is the largest producer of desalinated water in the world, its many plants including two floating desalination barges at Yanbu.

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